Grace + Grit

Brittany Sullivan is a second generation florist, living and working in New York City. 

A New Jersey native, she fostered her love of flowers at a young age, assisting her florist mother stripping roses for Valentine's Day. 

With a passion for visual arts firmly engrained, she later attended SVA (School of Visual Arts) in New York City, studying cinematography and later moving onto a career in music television, working in talent relations and music programming at Fuse TV. 

Eventually, Brittany took a huge leap of faith as she transitioned her career in a new direction. Completing the Floral Design Professional Program at Flower School New York, she and her husband relocated to Portland, Maine, finding inspiration in the rich culture and scenery and working amidst brightly painted fields of local flower farms. 

The experience was like none other and although her heart remained in New York (and soon led to her return in late 2016), it presented within her an awakening that would drive her to start her own floral business. 

Brittany and her husband now reside in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have a young daughter, Lucy, who will perhaps one day be helping her mother strip roses for Valentine’s Day as the tradition of love and care through floral design continues for generations.